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Pakistan All CLI $0.0515 59% 7.9 min
China All $0.0080 58% 8.2 min
India mobile $0.1400 58% 9.2 min
Bangladesh Mobile Non CLI $0.0270 48% 8.2 min
UAE All $0.1290 53% 9.6 min
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VoiZar Carrier solutions require fewer elements to get started, resulting in a total investment significantly lower than the competition, right from the start.

Our Carrier service is designed keeping customers as the center of focus at every stage of the supply chain. We are currently offering our customers and suppliers the following:

  • Access to bespoke routes in the form of carrier wholesale
  • Value-added wholesale solutions for our customers at competitive rates
  • High volume call routing through our global switching and network infrastructure
  • Trading in air-time traffic with top-tier carriers in Europe through PSTN connectivity
We are offering (VoIP & TDM) A-Z termination to meet all domestic and international needs. We offer high-volume customers, aggressive discounting coupled with our high-quality service to make your business connections. Best of all you can start immediately. You don't have to meet any qualifications or commitments. Not to mention you can control your account using our online Web CRM Management area.

Pain Centers Addressed



Contractual Time Line

90 Days

48 Hours

Connectivity to Tier-One

Not Available


Money Requirement



Network Management Resources

4 Persons

1 Persons

Expand Geographic Reach

2-3 Interconnects


Settlement Risk

Debt Exposure

No Debt Exposure

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