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Pakistan All CLI $0.0515 59% 7.9 min
China All $0.0080 58% 8.2 min
India mobile $0.1400 58% 9.2 min
Bangladesh Mobile Non CLI $0.0270 48% 8.2 min
UAE All $0.1290 53% 9.6 min
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VoiZar Inc., (Canada) is a Long Distance Service Provider offering calling cards, residential and corporate direct dial services in North America helping them reduce their existing international phone bills while connecting them with tier-1 quality to the world.

Pre-paid Calling Card
Pre-paid calling cards have been available for over 8 years. With the pre-paid calling card the end user will purchase a card for a set dollar value and receive a specific amount of calling time depending on how the card is set up. To use the card the end user will dial an access number, enter an authorization code and then the number they wish to call.

Home Service

Direct Dial Home Service: Making a long distance phone call from home is easy, simply pick up your phone and dial the number you wish to reach. There are no extra digits to dial or equipment to install. If you have Bell Canada as your local service provider, you may choose us as your long distance service provider as your choice. Bell will route your calls to our network and we will complete the call on your behalf. This service works for voice and fax.

Business Service

Corporate clients have many choices and options when it comes to how they would like to terminate their long distance calls.

Direct Dial Business Service: Switch your long distance to us without any extra digits to dial or equipments to install.

VoIP Phone Service: Order the pre-programmed IP device from our sales office and connect to your existing ISP and start using our cost saving international dial out services right away.

Please see our COVERAGE AREA and CURRENT LOCAL PHONE PROVIDER LIST to switch the long distance service to us by visiting our web site at www.voizar.ca.
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