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Pakistan All CLI $0.0515 59% 7.9 min
China All $0.0080 58% 8.2 min
India mobile $0.1400 58% 9.2 min
Bangladesh Mobile Non CLI $0.0270 48% 8.2 min
UAE All $0.1290 53% 9.6 min
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FAQs for agents

  • Can different types of services provided by the Wholesale Agents be accessed by their customers using single account (pin code)?

    Yes. Wholesale Agent's customers can use all the services provided by the Wholesale Agent using single account (pin code).

  • What is the procedure to become VoiZar's Wholesale Agent?

    To become a wholesale agent it is required to fill out and send back to us Agent Application Form and make an initial prepayment for service usage of not less than 1000 USD.

  • How long does it take after the initial payment and wholesale agent application are received to set me up completely as a Wholesale Agent?

    After the initial payment and wholesale agent application are received, our support team will send a list of questions regarding how the Agent wants to configure the platform. After these questions are answered, the support team will send a retail rates file which Agent should fill out and send back to us. As soon as this is done it will take about 1-2 business days to finish the configuration of the platform for the Agent.

  • How the Wholesale Agents manage their business?

    An online access to the Agent Account Management (AAM) interface is provided to the Wholesale Agents. The AAM interface can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet.

  • Are there any requirements to become a Wholesale Agent?

    No, there are no requirements.

  • Have Agents to host the billing platform on their computers/servers?

    No, all the software is hosted on VoiZar Telecom’s servers.

  • In what case agent's account can be suspended by VoiZar?

    VoiZar reserves the right to suspend agent's account if an agent has not been generating voice traffic for several months or/and his agent's balance is below zero.

  • Do I need to have a computer to manage the platform?

    It is not necessary but strongly recommended. The platform management is done via a web interface, which can be accessed from any computer connected to Internet at any time.

  • What types of accounts can be created?

    The Wholesale Agents can create Prepaid or Postpaid accounts. In the Prepaid mode the agents first reload certain amount of money to the account and then customer makes calls until the credit is depleted. In Postpaid mode the Agents set a monthly usage limit for the customer and customer can place calls during the month only within that limit. Each month customer's usage is nulled.

  • Can Wholesale Agents create and modify accounts and customers?

    Yes, the Wholesale Agents can create and modify accounts and customers via the online Agent Account Management interface.

  • Can Wholesale Agents view profit reports and billing reports?

    Yes, in the Agent Account Management interface, the Wholesale Agents can view different kind of profit and billing reports. The profit report shows how much the Agent charged his/her customers and how much we charged the Agent. The billing reports show the call details of a particular customer or for batch of accounts or for the whole product.

  • What customers can do by accessing their accounts through AAM web interface?

    Customers can do the following:

    See their balance or current monthly usage;
    See their pin codes and trigger numbers;
    Change the callback numbers and add/remove/edit CLIs to the accounts;
    See and print billing reports and invoices;
    Update personal information (i.e. address, phone, e-mail etc.).
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